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Depending on your use of the Website and the Services, the Terms may apply to you differently. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update these Terms from time to time. We aim to provide at least 30 days’ notice regarding any material changes prior to any new Terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at our sole discretion. By continuing to access or use our Service after the Terms are updated, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms.

If you do not agree with the Terms at any time, you must cease to access or use the Website immediately, you must notify us with your intention to terminate the Agreement, and if you are obligated in accordance with the law to comply with any Terms after termination of the Agreement, then we reserve our rights to enforce compliance with the Terms.

By entering into this Agreement, you understand that our Website and Services operate in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We store data relating to the Services within the following locations: United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. We have put in place adequate measures required to safeguard personal data that we collect from you. However, you are responsible for any personal data that you provide while using the Services if they are neither required nor actively collected by us.

You are responsible both for the safeguarding the credentials that you use to access the Services and for the activities or actions carried out under your credentials, whether your credentials are associated with our Services or those of a third party. You agree not to disclose your password to any third party.

You must notify us immediately upon becoming aware of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account, so that we are aware of the next steps that should be taken. You must, without delay, mitigate any damage or loss that may extend from any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account.

You are responsible for and shall at all times maintain your data on your own local or remote backup system separate from our equipment or servers. You acknowledge that access to the internet may be interrupted at any time and that hardware is mechanical and prone to failure, without warning. We offer backup services and, if so subscribed, backups are performed on a best-effort basis, but in no event, with backup subscription or otherwise, shall we be responsible to you for any lost files, data, damages or other information further to our Disclaimers & Limitation of Liability section.

When you create an account with us, you must provide us information that is accurate, complete, and current at all times. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of the Terms, which may result in immediate termination of your account on our Service.

3.1 – ORDERS
If you wish to carry out a purchase of any product or service made available through the Services (an “Order”), you may be asked to supply certain information relevant to your Order, such as your name, email address, and contact details. In the event payment to us is initiated via a third party PayPal, you will be providing such payment details through a third party.

You represent and warrant that: (i) you have the legal right and permission to use any credit card(s) or other payment method(s) in connection with any Purchase; and that (ii) the information you supply to us is true, correct and complete.

By submitting such information, you grant us the right to provide the information to third parties for purposes of facilitating the completion of Orders.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time for certain reasons including but not limited to: product or service availability, errors in the description or price of the product or service, error in your order or other reasons. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order and account if fraud or an unauthorized or illegal transaction is suspected.

All invoices are generated in at least 3 months. Base on the package you are using, we will send email to notify that you have to pay for that bill via Paypal. If you don’t pay for the service after 3 days deathline, we will destroy it.

We have the right to cancel an account without any notification and without any reason, but we may provide a refund on a pro-rata basis in the event you did not breach any Terms at the time of cancellation, and such refund may be provided within 90 days of cancellation.

You may can cancel specific products and services that are not Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”) (e.g., Virtual Private Servers (VPSs), Software Licenses, Control Panels, and Backups) included in the Services at any time, and these products and services will be cancelled directly and without a notice period, which means you will pay only for the duration you use of a specific subscription duration (pro-rata basis). Regarding SLAs, these can be cancelled at any time only by providing us 30 days’ notice.

We may terminate or suspend your account immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the Terms. If for any reason your account is suspended or deactivated due to a breach of our Terms, you will not be eligible for any refund including your balance.

Upon termination, your right to use the Services will immediately cease. If you wish to terminate your account, you must notify us and await our confirmation, and then you may simply discontinue using the Services.

We operate on a 7-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Services for any reason during the first 7 days from the start of the subscription of the Services, you may submit a request for a cancellation and a refund to info (at) Spyvps.com. If we are unable to address your concerns, then we will issue you a refund. Refunds are available only for the first purchase you make under your account with us.

Any contests, sweepstakes, or other promotions (collectively, “Promotions”) made available through the Services may be governed by rules that are separate from these Terms. If you participate in any Promotions, please review the applicable rules as well as our Privacy Policy. If the rules for a Promotion conflict with these Terms, the Promotion rules shall apply. In particular, for avoidance of doubt, after any trial period of any Promotion, automatic billing may be enabled.

We frequently update our offerings of products and services included in our overall Services. The Services may be mispriced, described inaccurately, or unavailable, and we may experience delays in updating information on the Service and in our advertising on other websites. Accordingly, we cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information, including prices, product images, specifications, availability, and services. We reserve the right to change or update information and to correct errors, inaccuracies, or omissions at any time without prior notice. Please note our refund policy.

5.2 – UPTIME
While we aim to provide 99.99% uptime, we will utilize our best and reasonable efforts to achieve this.

Our support department can be reached via Website chat or via email. We do not offer managed services, and our support team work to address only hardware and network-related matters. If you order a specific SLA through us, then our team will address your technical questions related to the SLA. To contact our support department by email, you may fill in the contact form on our Website or send an email to Contact@spyvps.com. You can reach us 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.